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Visit USA - Oct98
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Irma' 50th b-day
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Irma and Bernd's visit in USA - Oct 98

Dear American friends, these pictures are dedicted to all of you. You've made our visit unforgetable and very special. Thanks a lot to Marilyn and Peter in Vestal,NY and to the families DeFranco, Eastman, Irwin, Tillinghast in Ovid,NY and all the great "kids" we met at South Seneca High School.

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fine dining with Marilyn and Peter

The McGinns house in Vestal, NY

Peter, Marilyn and BJ

Tillinghast Manor - Big bed big breakfast

Thanks to Brenda,Dave,Sally and Jack

Thank you Blanche Tillinghast

the outragous boys from South Seneca

the cheerleaders from South Seneca

the adorable team from South Seneca

the three men at seneca lake

Joey, Ellen and Gustav - cool gang

meeting point in Brenda's kitchen


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